On the 10th-11th of July the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) was part of UNDP Closing conference for the Enhancing Inter-ethnic dialogue project . The Enhancing Inter –Ethnic Dialogue and Collaboration programme aims to promote a tolerant, trustful and confident society that values its own diversity.

The two day conference at the beautiful place of Mavrovo, gathered representatives of institutions and organizations at the central level – Secretariat for the Implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement (SIOFA), the Ministry of Local Self-Government, the Agency for Minority Rights Realization, the Local government, civic organizations and media – that have shared a mandate to improve inter-community dialogue and collaboration to face their challenges and gathered developments of inter- ethnic dialogue in the past two years since starting the project.

The participants looked through the results of a Participatry Assesment about National and Local Capacities for Strengthening Inter- Ethnic Dialogue and Collaboration that was made in 2010 by the same stakeholders and the successes that they gathered in this two years.

At the conference CID presented the success-story for enhancing and strengthening the cooperation with the Local government, Municipal Council and Commission for Inter-Community Relations (CICRs) of Kumanovo as important mechanisms for resolving and supporting the inter-ethnic issues. The initiatives, round tables, working groups and the youth centers that CID developed were unique and success-stories as a different approach to promote, develop and ensure ethnic and cultural diversity and collaboration on the Local levels.

All the participants shared their own impacts and achievements and together determinate other possibilities for bigger achievements. The conference was closed with the conclusions and recommendations for further replications of all success impacts on the other National and Local level.

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