EVS mid-term_July 2012In February 2012 CID was happy to welcome two new long-term EVS volunteers – Dan and Sandra. Now they have been part of CID already almost 6 months and feel pretty much at home. From 02nd – 06th of July both of them spent a week in Belgrade, capital of Serbia in “mid-term” evaluation meeting organized by SALTO. 

As “on-arrival” training sessions are organized for all EVS volunteers, “mid-term” meetings are only for those in projects with a service period of 6 months or longer. ”On arrival” session is called training because they prepare the EVS volunteers for the following time ahead. “Mid-term” sessions are more held in form of meeting and offer volunteers a space to share their thoughts and experiences. It is more about reflection.

“I liked it a lot in Belgrade. The majority of the volunteers attended also our “on-arrival” training in Sarajevo. So, it was not so much about meeting new people, but getting closer to each other. We shared our experiences and had lots of fun. One could really see how people had changed after the “on-arrival” training. We all had had our culture chocks more or less and found ways to deal with them. We all had grown stronger personalities,” shared Sandra, a long-term volunteer from Estonia.

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