NRTC articleFrom 1st to 6th of July the Center for Intercultural Dialogue in partnership with Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, hosted the National Training Course “HUMAN RIGHTS in EDUCATION: Training for educators to work on human rights education with young people in non formal and formal educational contexts, with focus on using Compass”.

The training course aimed to develop the competence of educators to integrate and develop practices of human rights education with young people in non-formal and formal educational contexts. It was organized in cooperation with the Council of Europe, Directorate of Youth and Sport, as part of their Youth Programme on Human Rights Education, and in partnership with the Good Governance Department/Education Reform Unit Of the OSCE Mission to Skopje.

The training gathered 22 educators (teachers and youth workers). During this training they discussed topics like human rights, advocacy, children’s rights, multiculturalism and ethnic minority rights.

One of the main outcomes of this conference was to create a non formal network of educators in Human Rights Education. This will be composed in a form of a platform to further support the educational and youth work systems in enhancing Human Rights Education on local and national level.

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