Kelly pic 1My name is Kelly Rupp and I am a Peace Corps volunteer from Los Angeles, California. I’ve lived in Kumanovo since September 2011 and work with the Center for Development of the Northeast Planning Region, whose purpose is regional development such as infrastructure, business, and cross-border projects with neighboring countries.

Even though my main job is with the Center, I feel like I’ve been a part of CID since I arrived in Macedonia. One of CID’s former board members worked with Peace Corps to train us volunteers on working with businesses and NGOs in Macedonia. Since then, I’ve been invited to every event and party that CID has hosted!

In early 2012, I finally had the pleasure of working with CID on a trash clean-up project through Ajde Makedonija. CID and the local Peace Corps volunteers worked together first to organize environmental awareness workshops at a nearby high school, then to mobilize local volunteers for the clean-up. The people at CID are full of energy, enthusiasm and are willing to help anyone and everyone. I’m very much looking forward to working with them again this fall!