We are the new short-term EVS volunteers at CID, so we would like to share our impressions of our first days in Kumanovo with you.

Our first impression of the city wasn’t very good, all the concrete buildings didn’t exactly appeal to us. We do like our working places (Multi Kulti youth center and the CID office), they are very cosy. Bjorn works with the young children and I work on the youth radio with the teenagers, we both really enjoy it. The CID staff is absolutely crazy, but in a good way 🙂

We absolutely LOVE the local people and food. In that order. Everybody is so nice to us and very welcoming. We aren’t used to this; in Belgium everybody keeps more to themselves. The food is awesome; we especially love burek, sunflower-seeds, meso and mezze! Also the wine and beer, we like.

Our language classes are really fun, although Macedonian is a hard language to learn.
We are looking forward to the rest of our stay here and also to spend some more time at Lake Ohrid, because that place is amazing!


Bjorn & Inne
Od Belgija