From 30th of June till 14th of July 2012 there was organized a traveling work camp by CVS Bulgaria. This traveling work camp was part of the promotional Volunteer messengers’ campaign for volunteering around Bulgaria. The aim of the project was to “make noise” and attract the attention of the local communities in Bulgaria. 

The project started with the 5-day training course where the participants discussed the different aspects of volunteering and were provided tools on how to set up workshops/ street actions/ flashmobs and other actions in order to promote volunteering among different target groups. This 5-day training was facilitated by two trainers: one from The Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) from Macedonia – Matej Manevski, and one from CVS – Bulgaria, Katerina Stojanova.

After the training, the participants were divided in 3 groups (two foreign and one local volunteer) based on interest and ability to work together. Each group travelled to three different partner organizations in different places in Bulgaria, in order to put what they had learnt during the training into practice.

This traveling work camp was a nice promotion of the pool of trainers from CID as an organization providing educational trainings and support. Great job, Matej!

Volunteer work camp_July 2012