Gender Equality through human rights_august 2012Starting from 21 – 28 July EYCB has hosted the study session “Gender Equality through human rights education and youth leadership” organized by IGLYO, Loesje Armenia, ISCA and CID. The aim of the study session was to raise awareness of youth leaders about gender inequality and stereotypes in an intercultural context and build their competences to empower groups to address gender based discrimination. As an organizator, the Centre for Intercultural Dialogue was represented by two members in the team of facilitators and one participant.

Magdalena Manevska, the representative of CID as a participant in the study session, stated: “It was a pleasure working in such a diverse team. Many different questions were raised, interesting issues connected to gender equality were discussed and thanks to the diverse background of the people participating – all the discussions were convenient and instructive. I have many ideas for raising new actions in my local community now.”

The course director of the study session was Milos Ristovski, a member of CID, and Matej Manevski as facilitator.

You can find more information about the European Youth Centre of Budapest, where the session was hosted inhere

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