Mary_august 2012Hello, my name is Mary Hulse and I am an American volunteer who has been living and working in Kumanovo since November of last year. I volunteer during the week at Poraka Nasha, a day center for adults with intellectual disabilities. At Poraka Nasha we work with the members on gaining independent living and work skills to help equip them to be better citizens.

I have really enjoyed my time living and working in Kumanovo and I am excited to continue volunteering over the next fourteen months. I have been fortunate enough to volunteer and work with the members of Multi-Kulti.

This spring I worked with Max Arcand and high school students to form a team for a program called Model United Nations. In the program we learned about world issues and how countries work together to address these issues and find solutions. Everyone involved had the opportunity to learn a lot about how the United Nations functions.

I look forward to working on more programs with Multi-Kulti and everyone else at the youth centers. There are many opportunities at the center and everyone can find something that they enjoy doing and learning about. Everyone there is very nice and welcoming and I enjoy volunteering with Multi-Kulti.

Mary Hulse