From 23rd of August till 2nd of September 3 young peple from CID (Sandra, Goran and Valon) attended youth exchange in Prespa in Greece. A group of almost 40 people from 8 different countries – Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey – came together in a small village Laimos in Prespa in Greece to talk about poverty.

Poverty is a very complex issue and one is aware of that in 10 days you are not able to change the world. But you might be able to increase the awareness and change the set of one’s mind at least a little bit.

During the youth exchange young people were introduced to Millennium Development Goals, had a Skype talk with a person from the headquarters of UNDP, discussed about poverty among them, took part in different art workshops, visited villages nearby, organized evening events for people in Laimos (cultural evening, Olympic Games, art exhibition) etc. Final goal of action called “Mission Impossible” happened in Florina – town close by. During the action participants organized a flash mob, games for children, workshops – how to reuse old things; and gave local people ideas how to save money.

“We had a good time! And I really think that we were able to bring the issue of poverty more on the surface in our minds during these 10 days. Action “Mission Impossible” went well. It was not easy to reach people in Florina, but we sure did make noise and were noticed”, shared Sandra.

YE povert_august 2012