Viki(2)My name is Viktorija Manevska and I am the EVS Coordinator in CID. My role in the organization is to work with the international volunteers who are coming from all around Europe and help them in the process of getting to know the surroundings in CID and Kumanovo, where the organization is located.

I have been an active volunteer in CID for more than 5 years now. During these years of volunteering I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience that has helped me greatly during my studies at the university and also in everyday life. On one hand, I have had the chance to participate in more than 5 trainings, which helped me to develop my leadership and presentation and communication skills. On the other side, CID has given me opportunities to organize and lead my own projects.

My first volunteer opportunity with CID was helping to organize the work camp and the event Fiesta Balkanika. From this project I got to know CID and started to be actively involved in all the activities that were happening at that time. That was a great opportunity for me – I learned how to plan my time better and how to use the free time in developing new skills.

Since August 2012, I have worked as EVS Coordinator in CID which means I spend most of my time in our youth center MultiKulti with international EVS volunteer Martina, who is working on creating new opportunities for young people to develop themselves and learn new things through non-formal education and learning by doing.

Being an EVS coordinator is not always an easy job, but getting to know all these great people from different countries is just awesome!


EVS Coordinator of CID