New volunteers_september 2012In October and November CID will be happy to welcome 4 more international volunteers to the organization. At the moment we have 3 long-term volunteers and one intern taking part in our work. Our great volunteers are Sandra from Estonia, Dan from Wales, Martina from Slovakia, and Evelyn from Germany who is doing her internship with us. The volunteers who will join us in the coming months are Vivien and Rosalie from Germany, Paulina from Poland, and Eduardo from Portugal.

The new volunteers will work on different activities that will include young local people from Kumanovo and from other municipalities near by. Most of their time will be spent in our MultiКулти Youth Center and in the newly opened youth centers in Proevce and Lipkovo. They will hold many different art and culture activities for anyone willing to join them. All the volunteers are highly motivated and happy to come and exchange all the knowledge and experience that they have. 

Paulina (Poland) and Vivian (Germany) will start with their volunteer work in October, and Eduardo (Portugal) and Rosalie (Germany) will start in November.

The sending partners of their projects are the Association Casa da Horta from Porto, Portugal, Stowarzyszenie “Jeden Swiat” Service Civil International from Poland, Youth Action for Peace from Germany, and Friedenskreis Halle from Germany.