CID has been actively involved in supporting not only young people, but also citizens in various processes connected to inter-ethnic dialogue. The last couple of years CID worked on various projects connected with the work of Commission for Inter-Community Relation (CICR), which is a advisory body municipal council on issues related to inter-community dialogue. This projecs aimed at fostering the sustainability of CICR by improving the policies and building the competences of CICR members by establishing mechanisms for transferring new knowledge and ensuring continuity of their work.

Since 2011 CID has been involved as a partner of the Community Developing Institute (CDI) within the project BONA MENTE. CID together with several other organizations from Macedonia was part of a qualitative survey about the role of CICR at the local level. The result showed the need for change in the Law on Local Self-Government in order to strengthen the role of CICR at the local level.

This summer from the 5th to the 6th of July on the shores of Lake Ohrid, CID participated in the conference organized by CDI, together with representatives from 21 civil society organizations. In order to initiate the formation of a non-formal coalition, the organizations gathered together and discussed the activities that will be implemented within the frames of the initiative for amending the Law of Local Self-Government connected with the role of CICR.

The process on advocating and lobbying for amendments in the Law for Local Self-Government is mainly leaded by CDI, and supported by the partners organizations in the project. We hope that the eventually changes will bring improvements for the local Commissions for Inter-Community Relation to enhance their work much deeper and with wider impact.

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