Evelyn_German intern(2)I’m Evelyn from eastern Germany and I am doing an internship at CID until the 12th of October. In Germany, I’m in the second year of my master studies – South-Eastern European Studies. To do a six-week internship with reference to or in south-eastern Europe is part of it. I wanted to do this in Macedonia, although Macedonia isn’t a focus of these studies. Although, I think this is what makes Macedonia more interesting to me.

Here in Macedonia I hope to improve my Macedonian knowledge and get more into the culture and religion. I’m especially interested in interreligious and intercultural life, which I believe is happening in Kumanovo.

One and a half years ago I did an internship in Germany, where I got experience with intercultural and interreligious encounters. As a follow up, I am doing a workshop at CID about interreligious dialogue, because religion is not only a part of culture but also part of human beings. This workshop is taking place at the MultiКулти centre, which offers fun surroundings and many possibilities to learn something about one’s own religion and others.

I’m really excited about the experience I will get, not only with the kids and the CID team, but also in Kumanovo and with its citizens.

Evelyn from Germany