YU SEE_september 2012From the 10th to the 14th of September in a small city in Serbia called Subotica, a network meeting was organized for the project called “YU-SEE”. Two members from CID, Viktorija and Simona, attended the meeting. Other participants came from Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Hungary. The main aim of the meeting was to share ideas about the impact of marketing on people’s health.

The meeting focused on the effects of industries on our health. Using various techniques to place their product, which include marketing as the most wide-spread, industries affect us in many aspects of our everyday life, especially health. In 5 days it is impossible to stop this negative movement, but participants did come up with some very good solutions that can increase the awareness and change people’s point of view.

During the meeting the key point was “What is marketing?” which was presented along with the most important parts that industries use to impact our health. Some debates were also held in which participants were given some interesting examples by, for example, watching movies connected with the tobacco industry. Participants compared the different problems in each country and in the end they came up with ideas on how youth can make an impact to increase this world-wide problem. The final goal was to create the future plans for the project (for example, local actions).

CID did a great job participating in the project. Now we have new themes that the young people from Kumanovo can work on. Our goal is to go step-by-step providing good goals on each level.