Do you remember Mila’s article about a youth exchange made in the framework of YUWG (young unemployed working group of international network SCI-Service Civil International)? A wonderful outcome with an idea exactly from this project is going on currently, facilitated by CID volunteers Mila and Borika.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue, in collaboration with Center for Social Initiatives “Nadez” from Skopje, signed a memorandum for the approval of weekly drama workshops in the Youth Center of “Nadez”. The workshops include many energizers, team-building games and other exercises, all of which are part of the non-formal education methods that develop the children’s abilities for nonverbal expression.

The idea came from the youth exchange where these methods were initially used. Our activists are motivated by the awesome group of youngsters who participate in the workshops by having fun and thinking out of the box.

The project is in collaboration with the school for deaf and mute children “Partenija Zografski”, Skopje.

CID Office