Kumanovo – Куманово –Kumanovë

So they asked me to write an article about my EVS (European Voluntary Service) in Kumanovo. I’m not really sure what to say, I am not your average EVS, I have been visiting Kumanovo and Macedonia for well over 2 years now. I had friends and even girlfriends as well as Macedonian visitors to Wales before my EVS ever started or was excepted.

So what can I tell you about Kumanovo, I feel in love with Kumanovo pretty much from the moment I stepped into her and yes Kumanovo is definitely female.

My time living in Kumanovo has been very different from my visits as my visit on the whole part were truly enjoyable. Living with a girl is always a big step, but moving in with Kumanovo was an exceptional one. It tested me mentally, physically and brutally. It brought me the the edge of and sanity and also gave me my happiest moments. I worked with a huge variety of people, met the strangest and most interesting, do some of the most unimaginable things. Like with all relationships, there were times I wanted out, I wanted to run away and get away from this crazy city, but I always came back. That’s how I know I truly fell for this city, I don’t why, many people do not understand, but there is something about this city that no matter how frustrated I am, I still always want to be here.

I gave up a lot to be in this city because of the potential I saw and still see, besides the over talked about problems I see friendly, fun loving people from all walks of live. I see a real future and beautiful community coming together out of a delicate past. I believe that Macedonia, Kumanovo and all the citizens within it can play a huge role in this region, Europe and the world. The potential is endless, we just need to find the right method, and I think your slowly getting there.

However, Kumanovo is unfortunately the only one who has always had the full commitment of my heart. I have loved and lost many times, but to lose Kumanovo is almost deadly to me.  Our relationship is now on the edge, I keep telling her I will be back, but I know I can’t truly promise that.

Te Cakam Kumanovo,

Falish Mi,