This month we decided to prove that we do not only gather for work!

One short but sunny autumn day, the team of Center for Intercultural Dialogue came up with a great idea to invite some of the youth workers, volunteers and friends to a Cocktail & Barbeque Party. Many different foods were tasted and cultural dances were shared through the day and into the evening. Also, social games such as Twister were tried and enjoyed.

This totally informal meeting affected the team in a very positive way, and it gave the new members of CID’s general assembly a chance to better get to know the spirit of the team. It also gave all the new EVS volunteers an awesome opportunity to get familiar with the atmosphere of the organization, not only on a professional level, but on friendship level too.

Both the president and the project officer – Matej and Milosh – showed their skills as great organizers. And Rosalie is the best cocktail master ever!