Dobar den! October didn’t bring only the cold and rainy weather to Kumanovo; it also brought three new volunteers!

Paulina from Poland, and Vivien and Rosalie from Germany.

And now they are going to introduce themselves:

Hi everyone! I`m Vivien. I arrived here four weeks ago and I am glad to work at CID. After a few days of getting to know all the lovely people of this organization, I was introduced to my new tasks by the previous volunteer, Sandra. She did a great job and now I will take over her activities at the radio and in the newsmail. Another task will be to help establish the new Local Voluntary Club in Kumanovo, together with Martina, the EVS volunteer from Slovakia. It is a club for everyone from Kumanovo who wishes to stay in touch with MultiKulti, who wants to have the chance to travel through Europe, and who wants to belong to the first group of people who are informed about all new things that are happening in this organisation! I am looking forward to my next nine months in Macedonia and I can`t wait to meet all the enthusiastic people involved with MultiКулти!

My name is Paulina Przybył. I come from Poznan, a town located in Poland. I am an EVS, working at CID. I have lived here since 1st of October 2012, and I will be a volunteer here for 9 months. I am going back to Poland on the 1st of July 2013. I am a teacher, instructor of theater, and cultural animator. At CID, I will take care of the organization’s cultural events and also work with MultiKulti. I am helping to organize workshops that take place on the weekends, and I intend to carry out their projects. I like Kumanovo. The people living here are so positive and cheerful! I enjoy spending time with them and enjoy getting to know the culture and customs of the inhabitants. Being a volunteer in Poland for two years motivated me to come on this adventure. I was on the Student Council of the City of Poznań – an NGO that organizes and implements projects for students. I plan to implement some projects in Kumanovo… I’m sure it will be an interesting experience!
Paulina (Pawka: P) Przybył

My name is Rosalie Beyer and I am 20 years old. Two weeks ago I arrived in Kumanovo after completing my graduation in Leipzig, Germany. I will work for 10 months at CID, because I think this is a good foundation for my studies in “social work”, which I would like to begin next year. The idea of living for several months in a foreign country and to work there, I had because I am very interested in foreign cultures and in learning a new language. In Germany, I could gain many experiences working with the youth. And I’d like to continue that in a different culture and gain more experience for my studies.