45 young people representing approximately 40 youth organisations active in Macedonia gathered between 25th and 28th October for networking days, a first step in the establishment of a national youth council. All of them agreed that there is a need for an umbrella organisation in Macedonia.

Through discussion, inputs, interactive exercises and working groups, participants had a chance to discusspoints about the role, structure, vision and membership of the future youth council. They had the chance to hear about experiences in establishing national youth council from Serbia, Lithuania, Slovenia and details on how such a platform is structured. Much common ground was found, to that extent that the participants formed an initiative board with the aim of creating a national youth council within six months. By the end of the meeting, an initiative board and action plan were set up. As such, the process of forming a Macedonian National Youth Council has been kicked of successfully.

The initiative board is created from 17 organisations among which is also the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID). Also CID was part of the team of organizations which were responsible to create and support the event logistically.

The event was organized by European Youth Forum and the Youth Republic initiative, co funded by USAID.

By Matej Manevski

 Resource: http://goo.gl/N4RIchttp://goo.gl/N4RIc