40 years ago, a group of forward-thinking idealists created the Young European Federalists (JEF), to fight for and promote the idea of federalization of Europe. At times when Monnet’s master plan was hugely contested, they foresaw the importance of integrating the European states in a unique effort to fasten the process of democratization.

Today, at times of a different crisis, JEF is still fighting its battle, determined in the integrity of its ideals. The difference? 31 new national sections – members of the greater European network of Jeunes Européens fédéraliste. Macedonia established its national organization in 1991, and after many ups and downs, it is reincarnating itself on the public scene of Macedonia with its new, reorganized structure.

If a European Federation is the future, then educating the youth of a country helps you create a better, more sustainable world in the long run. This is why three of our members attended the JEF seminar named “Religion in Europe: Believe it or leave it?” in Bol-na-Bracu, Croatia. Organized by JEF Croatia, with the support of JEF Europe, the seminar tackled current issues and ethical stances on the topic of religion in Europe. The seminar was a huge success: ideas were exchanged, opinions were heard, and critical issues were discussed. As one of the highlights of the seminar, Ivan Sørrensen, professor of religion, shared his opinion and knowledge on some puzzling religious issues.

In the backdrop of the seminar, new plans for further cooperation were set. With the vision and energy of these JEF-ers, we can only except some brilliant ideas and activities in the future.