dhhdDates of  the project:  1-7 October 2013

Financed and Supported by: Council of Europe // National Campaign Committee against hate speech online (nohatespeechmovement.org) 

Short description: The Center for Intercultural Dialogue has organized for the second time the National Training Course for Human Rights Education in Macedonia. This time it focused on Human Rights online thus the title was: Training for trainers on preventing hate speech online.   The main aim of the course was to train youth workers, educators and online activists how to deal with online discrimination, intolerance and rise of violence through Human Rights Education. It provided tools for working on HRE especially in the online space where the human rights are often violated and not regulated very clear. It provided competences to the participants to become multipliers who provided workshops and activities on HRE in schools and youth centers.

The objectives were:

–          To raise the awareness of the Human rights education and its importance among the youngsters as a defence against the rise of violence, racism, extremism, xenophobia, discrimination and intolerance.

–          To equip youth workers, educators and online activists with competences to actively combat hate speech online by using human rights education

–          To raise the awareness about the Human Rights violations happening in the online environment,

–          To offer tools, methods and approaches for Human Rights education and combating hate speech online and offline.

–          To train participants how to lead an educational activity

–          To motivate participants to apply the acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes to play an active role in society at the local, national and international level.

One of the main outcomes of the course was the group of trained multipliers that is already taking an active role in promoting and offering Human rights education, and as well educating youngsters to decrease the human rights violations and hate speech online. This contributed to the already existent Human Rights Educators network in Macedonia by enlarging it and strengthening its capacities since some of the participants were participating in the both courses. The participants also had the chance to share their experiences and practices from their own areas of work towards human rights education which provided a broader perception of approaches to the participants for improvement of their work.

Since this was an course which was coordinated and part of the national campaign committee of the No Hate Speech Campaign in Macedonia, it helped raise the visibility of the campaign among different youth NGOs and institutions, and as well to encourage more activists to join in and support the national and European campaign. It provided space for the activists to contact institutions directly and discuss together on different issues concerning Human Rights and preventing hate speech. 

More information you can find on this links:


National Campaign Committee in Macedonia: http://goo.gl/jRPPxq