Dates of  the project:

Financed and Supported by:  Council of Europe – European Youth Foundation

Short description: “LOG IN for Human Rights”  was 12 day Seminar for multipliers that aims to empower youth leaders, volunteer and activists to fight exclusion and discrimination in the cyber space and promote active youth participation and human rights using IT & Social Media. The project contributes to raising awareness about hate speech and discrimination online and understanding its consequences for democracy and human rights. It will create a platform for sustainable social networking and  exchange of expertise among activists and grassroots initiatives in promotion of diversity, dialogue and participation. The seminar enabled participants to recognize and combat human rights violations in online environments and be active as multipliers and peer educators in their local communities. It’s strengthening  competences to advocate for human rights and intervene against hate speech, racism and discrimination in their online expression. 

The project objectives are:

– Strengthen the cooperation in the European youth field against human rights violation in online environment, particularly towards hate speech and discrimination online

– Equip youth workers, leaders and activists with tools and competences to act as multipliers and peer educators on human rights and democracy values in the online environment.

– Developing an understanding of hate speech on-line and how in particularly affects young people

– To offer space to young people to express their creativity and to promote antidiscrimination, social inclusion and tolerance
– Provide online platform to share good practices and create strategies to combat discrimination and racism on European level

Outcomes of the seminar are available to download here

The blog of the seminar is: