Center for Intercultural Dialogue had a representative on the training for Sustainable Development which was organized by the National Youth Council of Macedonia which took place in Kavadarci, Macedonia from 25th till 28th of October. This training was supported and  financed by European Youth Forum. Trough open and inclusive process members of the NYCM in period of 3 days had a chance to discuss the goals, vision and the future activities and on the end with consensus this three strategic priorities were decided:
1.       Strengthening of organizational development and sustainable development of the council

2.       Recognition of non-formal education and youth work

3.       Informing the youth regardint their rights and responsibilities, tought establishment a mechanism for informing the youth

Based on this priorities, the board of the NYCM will create draft-action plan which after words will be elaborated with all the members of NYCM and after words this document should be presented and voted on the next Assembly.

After the training on the 29th of October NYCM organized the Exceptional assembly on which Center for Intercultural Dialogue had a representative. On this assembly a new member has been voted, and this was the 56th mmber of the NYCM