Anita volunteer story

My name is Anita, I’m 29 years old and come from Kumanovo. At the moment I am an EVS in Gdansk, in Poland. I work for an organisation called Caritas. My job is to work with children who come from difficult families or have some problems at school.

The 1st month of my EVS project is almost gone now. Everything here is new and exciting: my work, surroundings, language, living conditions.

There have been moments, though, when I was completely lost in understanding Polish and lost in communication with the children, but with time I have started finding different ways of communicating with them, by using hands, drawings, etc. The children here need more patience and I need to give them more time and space to accept me.

I have already run my first mini-workshop and done some other interesting activities with the children, such as ice skating, mini costume ball and bowling.

I am still on the beginning of my EVS project, so I have time to discover, explore and challenge myself.

Anita Stanishkovska
CID Office