IMG_0984Hi! I’m Florim and I am currently doing my Erasmus in Groningen, Netherlands. 

One of the hardest decisions to made for me was to leave volunteering and youth work activities in CID. But, on the other hand, Holland was a new challenge for my Academic experience. Studding in Groningen brings a big challenge by itself, not only at the university but also in everyday life.  Meeting new people and getting to know new friends, getting use to new environment and above all riding and being surrounded by bikes every day is one of the best things that could happen to me in Groningen. 
Beside the University, I found that Groningen is a rich land when it comes to NGO’s. The here primarily deal with students, particularly with foreign and exchange students.  They take care of helping them to socialize with other people, getting to know Dutch culture, and helping with legal issues.  Comparing this to my experience in CID would emphasize the role of volunteers everywhere that contribute in organizing and developing socio- cultural aspect of the students.