Number of projects - StefanEach January the management team of CID together with the staff members discusses and develops several projects for the Youth in Action programme. Our strategy 2012- 2015 was one of the guidelines when developing these projects, and within it, 2012 is marked as the year when CID should achieve well recognized and high quality youth work programmes all across Kumanovo. Following this direction CID has submitted an application for EVS volunteers who will work in the MultiKulti youth center, with MultiKulti radio, and also will be in charge to make outdoor activities in different parts of Kumanovo.

 Furthermore within YEU and SCI, we have proposed several exchanges and educational  activities aiming to further develop our youth work capacity and to offer space for youth workers to improve their skills and knowledge.

An important information is that for the 1st February deadline the Macedonian National Agency for the Youth in Action programme is operating again, which means more opportunities for exchanges, training events and volunteering for local youth. 

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