Dates of  the project:  August 2013

Financed and Supported by:  Macedonian National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility – Youth in Action programme

Short description: The “Training for trainers fostering social inclusion and employability of institutionalized youth” aimed to develop competences of trainers and youth workers active and experienced in designing and delivering educational programmes to facilitate inclusion, initiate employability and work with marginalized youth. The project put specific focus on working with youth at risk such as young people in orphanages, day care centers, juvenile delinquency institutions, prisons etc. It was a 7 day training course, organized in Mavrovo which gathered youth workers and youth leaders from 14 youth organizations from Europe. Improving quality of the educational programs and making them more accessible, according to needs of young people at risk, is one of the main aims to achieve. The outcomes of the project are long term, as the team of trained trainers will continue to develop programs that will increase participation of young people in the community and empower and build confidence. 

Within the project a visit was made to the minors’ prison in Ohrid, the social work center in Ohrid and the Council for prevention in Struga

Training Youth at Risk 1 Training Youth at Risk