Dates of  the project:
 November of 2012 – to August 2013

Financed and Supported by:   USAID / SOROS (

Short description: The project aims to promote the participation of young citizens in the local community through capacity building of 3 important entities (the youth council, the local youth center and the Commissions for Inter-community Relations). These mechanisms for participation and education are very important in fostering active citizenship and multiculturalism.

The project worked on improving the participation of ethnic communities by strengthening the cooperation of the Commission for Inter-Ethnic Relations (CICR) and local government. In this sense the CICR was motivated to create local policies, while at the same time the project offered opportunities for strengthening the capacity of CICR for Prevention of potential ethnic conflicts.

The aspect focused on strengthening youth participation in the local community was done through capacity building of the local Youth Council (LMSK) and the school student communities in all primary and secondary schools in Kumanovo.

Finally the project encouraged the active participation of youth in the local community through non-formal education. The programmes for active citizenship through non-formal learning were held in the youth centers. With this approach we were promoting youth work in the existing youth centers ” Multiкулти” as a tool to improve inter- ethnic dialogue by encouraging the intercultural learning and communication between young people and building skills for living together in diversity.

Some of the final documents of the projects can be found below.