Marta Kuzmanovska (lifestory Serbia)(3)Just few days ago I came back from a Training Course named ‘Creativity in Activity’ that was held in Serbia (Leskovac and Belgrade). 

The training was organised by Recourse Center Leskovac, in the frame of YEU International partnerships. The training was about how active young citizens can increase ability of intercultural dialogue in managing NGO’s.

It was my third time in Leskovac and second in Belgrade, but that doesn’t change the fact that each time is a new and even more interesting experience. At night we had the intercultural nights and sometimes we even went to listen the local bands performing.

The most interesting part for me was that I saw some of the people I already knew from previous events. It felt great to see all those people again, but to meet new ones also! It was a great experience for me; I hope all of you will get the chance for something similar as well.

Marta Kuzmanovska

CID Office