Date of the event: 29 September 2013

Short description: “Urbanize yourself for peace, love and unity” is the theme of the first Graffiti Fest in Kumanovo held on 29 September. The venue was the MultiКулти Youth Center. The event is an activity of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue and local youth – urban artists. The event was an example of space for young artists to express themselves in the city, and at the same time to reduce the level of vandalism in public space.

The idea started when the youth center was vandalized with aerosol by the local extremist groups who destroyed messages of peace and love written on the walls.  This action was an attack on the ideas of multiculturalism in Kumanovo. So we have invited all the young people who believe they can live together in diversity to repaint the center. And the final outcomes of the Graffiti fest are one of the most interesting examples of urban art in Kumanovo.

Now the young people of Kumanovo can go to a very cool new Youth Center where we can continue to promote the ideas for diversity and respect of Human rights for all.

CID would like to express big thank you to all the artists for their work. 

 Grafiti Fest  Grafiti Fest
Grafiti Fest Grafiti fest