The idea of the radio to connect the young people in our town is an old one and there were always judgments about it. People thought it would never work because young people aren’t motivated enough. We wanted to be the first ones who to break the ice and prove that there still are young people who are listening to the radio and that our radio can succeed in Kumanovo and Macedonia. We all have countless ideas and we are upgrading and improving every show, every day and we making them more attractive to the listeners.

We had a great idea for a show about our town called Kumanovo fever. During this show which lasts about 60 minutes we will be telling what’s going on in Kumanovo, where can you relax, have fun, maybe get drunk or why not fall in love? Which DJ’s will drive you crazy, where the parties are on or what sport events are going on. With great music, facts and news, we invite you to be with us every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 11am and from 2pm to 3pm in the afternoon.

Enjoy and stay tuned with MultiKulti Youth Radio here and join us on Facebook.