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Sara’s Macedonia story

I had a great time while I was participating in Multi-Kulti. I participated in many activities such as Drama, Creative drawing and many flash mobs. In MultiKulti I learnt a lot of new fun games (drama), I learned how to draw a human face and I did a pretty good job (creative drawing) and also I enjoyed dancing in the flash mobs.

The thing that I enjoyed and liked the most was the theater performance which we were preparing for in the drama classes. It was a small show but it was my favourite part because I love acting and it was an honour being on stage.

While doing these activities, except hanging out with the people I already knew, I also met lots of new people that I still hang out with. I learned that every person should have the same rights and that we shouldn’t judge them by their colour or nationality or religion. We should get to know their personality and socialise more. Being in Multi-Kulti, and hanging out with all those people changed me, because I kept an open mind and didn’t care if the person was from Albania, France or any other country, I cared about what were they like and if I enjoyed spending time with them. I also changed the way I looked at the world and the people in it. I advise all people, young or old, not to look at the world with judgment but to get to know the people, and that way they will make more friends that will always be there for them and reverse.

Sara Ilic 

CID Office