Dates of  the project:
 October 2013

Financed and Supported by:   Youth in Action programme 

Short description: The main aim of the seminar “Learnt Lessons in Youth Regional Cooperation” was to encourage and create opportunities for representatives of youth sector to share experiences and knowledge on youth cooperation, and engage them in a dialogue to identify good practices of regional cooperation. It gathered representatives of 36 different organizations, from the EU Member States and neighboring countries (Albania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia, Moldova, Kosovo, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, and Ukraine). It was organized in Mavrovo, from 9-17 October 2013.

Prior to the seminar, regional workshops were prepared, following working group’s methodological approach (one working group per sub – region, one reporter per working group). All partners have identified best practices in youth regional cooperation during the period 2007 – 2013, to share and to analyze them during the seminar, targeted to define a regional cooperation strategy for the period 2014 – 2020 in the field of youth and social cohesion.

During the Seminar participants worked together to develop the following outcomes:

– Share and identify best practices in workshop format

– Start up a blog for youth regional cooperation (available on:

– developed a policy brief of seminar conclusions