Dates of  the project:
 From September 2013

Financed and Supported by:   Youth Educational Forum (

Short description: This year in the MultiKulti youth center the Center for Intercultural Dialogue will provide the programmes offered by the Youth Educational Forum. The programmes of the Youth Educational Forum (debate and street law) aim to contribute to the development of awareness and skills among young people in critical thinking, economic , political and legal literacy helping to increase their competitiveness in the labor market

The programs include a group for the Debate Program and a group for the Street Law program.

One of the features of this program is through non-formal education to raise awareness among youth about their rights and freedoms, to offer a variety of tools and methods for promotion of their active citizenship, and to support young people in achieving youth rights.

For more information about the programme please contact Deniz Memedi on and Magdalena Manevska on