Dates of  the project:
 5-14 November 2013

Financed and Supported by:  Youth in Action programme of the EU

Short description: From the 5th to the 14th of November the Youth Exchange “Youth for outdoor inclusion” was held in Mavrovo, Macedonia. It gathered 60 participants coming from 12 countries (UK, Turkey, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Poland, Moldova, Albania, Italy, Croatia, Armenia and Macedonia). The exchange offered a change to talk about youth inclusion and how sport and outdoor activities can give a contribution to the youth development, especially for youth with special needs and youth with fewer opportunities. Participants experienced the potential of sport and outdoor activities, which can influence both the perception of the environment around them and their development of leadership skills.

Participants explored the power of outdoor activities such as orientating and hiking. On one side they developed environmental awareness, while at the other improved their life skills. Different methods such as coaching, simulations, experiential learning, were used to develop participants sense of capability, purpose, responsibility and assertiveness. Educational workshops on the theme of identity, participation, environment and inclusion helped participants to better understand their own role in their communities

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