MMUN 2012_June2012From February to May 2012 Mary Hulse and Max Arcand, both Peace Corps Volunteers in Kumanovo, trained 4 high school students from Kumanovo to participate in the 2nd annual Macedonian Model United Nations Conference in Stip. For four months these students learned the flow of debate a Model UN committee meeting, its rules and procedures, and also researched the current political and social climate in Mexico.

On May 5th Stefan Petrovski, Damjan Trickovik, and Marija Mishevska represented Mexico and Kumanovo at the Macedonian Model United Nations Conference. These three scholars represented Mexico’s interests on the United Nations Development Programme, the Security Council, and the Economic and Social Council and debated with students from 17 other communities, representing over 30 countries, to bring Mexico’s national interests to this mock United Nations.

“As the co-team leader, I am very proud of the energy, dedication, and skill brought to the table by all of our delegates and would like to see each of the 8 committees represented next year at the Model United Nations Conference,” shared Max.

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