DATES: January 23rd – 31st 2014

LOCATION: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

About the project:

The project will be a training course as we believe this will best fit the aims and objectives of our project, and provide the youth workers with the freedom of expression and comfort which will aid us in our  aims as trainers and organisers. As trainers, we will be able to use a variety of sources and methods to promote cultural integration such as myth busting exercises and cultural awareness workshops. Furthermore, sessions will be run on the history and evolution of the European Union to educate the young people on the context of European Citizenship. The project focuses on crossing boundaries between young people who come from different Balkan countries. It aims to make them aware that they are living all together in Europe and that there are only geographical boundaries not real ones in their lives. It aims to develop an environment full of understanding and wants to develop conscious that we have to look into the future, not into the past. The project will engage the participants to gain an understanding of each others perspectives and history (from their point of view). Participants would learn about history, religion, traditions and customs of other countries. Training would include workshops about history, debates about controversial topics participants choose themselves, forum theater with critical situations, treasure hunting in the venue.

Participant profile

The participants will be required to meet the following criteria to participate:

    1. Must be youth workers, either professionally or as volunteers.

    2. Must have previous experience in youth/social work.

    3. Must speak English in order to communicate.

    4. Must be between 18-25 years of age (any participants outside of this age range must receive  express permission from the organizers to participate – maximum age 30).