On the 7th of January, the date of Orthodox Christmas, CID made a lovely get-together in the office. Many members and volunteers of the organization gathered there and brought some leftovers from the day before to share with everyone.

The desks were full of sweets, fruits, breads and drinks. The EVS volunteers (including me) had the chance to get to know the traditional cuisine of the Macedonian culture. So the whole evening we ate мекица, cookies made of pumpkin, chocolate cookies, тавче гравче, baked chestnuts and more.

The atmosphere became really Christmas-like when suddenly the electricity went out. We put candles everywhere and played Macedonian and American Christmas songs. I think everyone enjoyed this evening. I really want to know all the recipes, although I am sure that I will never make them taste as good as they did on that evening!

        Vivien Vieth