After the Youth Exchange that happened in Ireland in April 2012, the group decided to work more on the follow up of the exchange.
We, the participants, worked with different target groups on the same topic – non verbal creative workshops – simulating their feelings about their families, country and school.


The target groups were Roma youngsters (primary school) in collaboration with the youth center Nadez-Skopje, the municipality of Sutka, and deaf young people (high school) in collaboration with the national high school for deaf young people.
We worked with them for 3 months developing a performance, and at the end of the workshops the kids from Nadez performed the show as part of their annual event. With the students from the school for the deaf, we prepared a video of them performing the act and talking about their lives.

We had a big promotion event for the video, in which we invited many people and gave gifts to the participants of the workshops. Here is a link to the video.

For sure we are going to continue the collaboration with the school and the inclusion of socially excluded groups in society.

Till the next time,
Mila Karadafova