The new generation of United World Colleges (UWC) were here in Macedonia from 1st till 8th of March.

They were travelling through Macedonia, getting to know the local culture and the work of NGO’s.Тhe UWC are only 12 schools in the whole world. Their philosophy of education is creativity, action, service.

CID hosted seven young students from different parts of the world. All with the same idеа -to get to know new culture and to have a new experiences here in Macedonia. Their visit was supported with a help from the people of The Macedonian National Committee, which is composed of former students of UWC and volunteers.

The students are young people aged 16-18 years old, they all study and live together in Wales. They all have been trained and now they are all a part of projects in social adjustment, social and environmental services.

The first few days the group was in Skopje, where they had a variety of activities and lectures about the human rights and the importance of environment, all organized by YEF (Youth Educational Forum ). They spend a day in Ohrid after which they arrived in Kumanovo for the last days of the visit.

CID kept them very busy.The students went on a treasure hunt around the city, to learn more about the history of the local people. They spend a day interviewing local students from different ethnicities with the idea to get to know more about the inter – ethnic relationships and the coexistence opportunities here. They also had the opportunity to be a part of the public debate for establishment of National Youth Council in Macedonia.

Of course they had the chance to enjoy their stay here with great traditional meals, visiting popular local places and meeting young initiative people like themselves.

Next year they will have the opportunity to present their projects about Macedonia to the freshmen in UWC which can inspire more people to come on a journey in Macedonia.

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