The nine months I spent as an EVS volunteer in Gdansk, Poland were the best time of my life so far – months full of joy, happiness and understanding where learning, exploring and teaching were one of the most important parts in this project.

I worked with children (4- 16 years old) who come from difficult families in a daily youth centre and my tasks were to help them with homework, to play different games and quizzes and to organize creative workshops where they could learn new skills and turn their knowledge into practice. It was also nice to see their curious eyes while cooking some Macedonian food with me and asking when we will do it again!

The support (financial-project money, safe working place and materials, understanding, communication etc) that I’ve been receiving (received?) from the hosting organization and from the EVS coordinator was on the highest level and made my work more enjoyable.

I learned to be more patient and tolerant when I work with children, to give them time and space so they can express themselves in a better way. I learned that it’s very important to be on the same level so they can feel you more like their friend not like their boss who will just give orders.

This unique and ones in a life time experience as an EVS volunteer is a key that can open so many doors of further possibilities/opportunities and can be used as a good base to start something new perhaps here in Macedonia. I will be very happy and glad if I can use and share my EVS experience with youngsters in Kumanovo, perhaps working with children and organizing activities for them.

Anita Stanishkovska

-Volunteer in CID-