Milos Ristovski has attended the the Study Session “Occupy Peace Online” 27th of January 2013 till 3rd of February 2013 focusing on strengthening the capacities in SCI as a peace movement, by looking at possibilities to venture into the online campaigning realm!

The aim of this study session was to work on peace – awareness raising about armed conflicts in the world and the promotion of non-violent solutions via online campaigning. It also enhanced the capacities of SCI to act as a global peace movement.

Reflecting on past campaigns, it motivated participants to develop ideas on how to best venture into the digital campaigning future. At the same time the massive amount of information load challenges us all in regards of information/knowledge management and communication. SCI and CID as its member want to establish a positive culture of online dialogue for addressing social issues through international campaigns as well as work on our knowledge management practices, as they are much needed for any larger campaign.