We welcome a new American Peace Corp Volunteer in Kumanovo. Sam arrived in October and he will stay for two years in Macedonia.

(Sam is on the right handside 😉 )

I was born in New Jersey, near the beach. After high school I studied History and Secondary Education at Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ and afterwords took a job as a history teacher and worked with urban kids. I now volunteer with the Peace Corps as an English teacher at Kiro Burnaz in Kumanovo with two wonderful counterparts. Having been in Macedonia 4 months, I’ve found it’s a great country with good food and amazing people.

I joined the Peace Corps for the same reasons I started teaching: to share knowledge of the world so that people are more empowered to follow their dreams. I hope that by teaching students English they can find themselves more globally competitive and also inspire them to give back to their own communities.

As far as hobbies go, I like to ride bikes, listen to music, read, and play music when I can get the chance. I am also a huge fan of coffee and watching films. While I’m here I want to take in as many of the wonderful cultural events that Macedonia has to offer, I just recently went to the Vevchani carnival and it was an awesome time!