Maybe you already have heard in case you are not Macedonian National Youth council is finally here, it is happening.

Since last year youth organizations in Macedonia started the initiative for establishment of National Youth Council, as a platform to advocate for youth rights and generate youth participation.

As part of the open consultative process, the initiative board for establishment of National Youth Council, organsed a public debate in Kumanovo. Over 15 local youth organizations were present and gave their opinion and contribution to the model and creation process of this body.

“Even though the youth is a quarter of the population in Macedonia, there are lack of mechanisms to facilitate youth participation in decision making. The youth unemployment is high, and young people more often commit violence and crime, which creates the situation that the youth in general is a target for inclusion process. It is a pity that from a recourse in society, the youth is now days seen as a problematic issue. Therefore we must systematicly approach to improve that situation” – Shared Ivana Davidovska from Center for Intercultural Dialogue and one of the panelists on the event.

“The NYC creates the opportunity for structured dialogue and generate youth participation on highest level”- says Ivana Jordanovska from JEF Macedonia.

“All the youth organizations will have a great benefit from creation of the NYC. For the last 20 year Macedonia was lacking such abody. The model we propose is built on values of transparency and inclusion, and will provide space for capacity building even for the organizations that will not be able to meet all the criteria”- Daniel Kalajdjieski

A support to the initiative for NYC, was shared by the Local youth council of Kumanovo, that shared their experience in forming and establishing link with the institutions.

“NYC will unite the young people people, their ideas and the youth organizations. The young generation has a voice and this voice needs to be heard”- was shared by the participants on the event.

The public discussion in Kumanovo was an encouragement for the process to continue. Within the next weeks six more debates will be organized in the whole country.

Note: The event was organized by the initiative board for establishment of NYC in Macedonia, formed by 16 youth organizations. The Center for Intercultural Dialogue is part of it. For more info please visit:

Cid Office