Dates of  the project:  01.12.2013-30.11.2014

Financed and Supported by:  European Commission through Europe for Citizens programme, action 1.2.2

Short description: Center for Intercultural Dialogue together with 4 more partners from 4 different countries in the period of 01.12.2013 till 30.11.2014 will implement the project ACTEC – ACTive European Citizenship –through cooperation and information”, financed by European Commission through Europe for Citizens programme, action 1.2.2.

The project goal is to allow all kinds of organizations to take part to the development of an active citizenship on a European scale. For this purpose, partner organization in the project ACTEC will spread knowledge and tools about European transnational cooperation, especially within the frame of the Europe for Citizens Programme. One of our priorities is to allow local entities with few or without experience in this field to gain knowledge and tools about it.

 Project objectives:

1. To empower local entities with few or without experience in transnational cooperation by transferring knowledge on how to apply for grants under the Europe for Citizens programme and how to network using new ICT tools;

2. To spread knowledge about the Europe for Citizens Programme among the general public.

3. To promote active European citizenship, values and culture at local level through information campaigns. ACTEC se adreseaza entităților care nu sunt active la nivel transnațional, din cauze  economice, geografice, sociale:  autoritățile locale


Project activities:

1)  Preparatory meeting with representatives from each partner;

2)  Project web page realization;

3)  Training course for partners and representatives of local civil society organizations without or with few experiences in transnational cooperation and European projects;

4)  Promotional material realization;

5)  Local workshops in order to disseminate the information received during  the TC;

6)  Networking period and presentation of projects: implementation of knowledge acquired during the TC by the ACTEC consortium and elaboration of new project ideas, applying for EU grants, especially under the Europe for Citizens programme;

7)  Good practices manual it will provide a general overview of the subject, and it will be a first introduction to those kinds of projects, by giving tools, advices and good practices for any organization or person interested by European transnational projects;

8)  Dissemination and valorization event to show the results of the networking period, presentation of new project ideas and involve local community, citizens, civil society organizations, municipalities representatives to increase the impact and exploitation of the results through a final conference;

9)  Evaluation meeting.