Training course : Colors of Culture

Dates of the training : 23.03. – 30.03.2014

Venue : Prokuplje, Serbia


Content and aim

Training Course “Colours of Culture” is about use of creative tools (song and video art) in combating discrimination and social exclusion of Roma youth, as well as fighting for the visibility of their problems, but also through our project we want to promote solidarity and equality of all people, regardless of their national, cultural, religious, sexual and other differences. The implemented activities and applied methods: non-formal way of learning through creative singing, creative activities and learning sessions. This includes: games, team building exercises, ice-breakers, individual and group activities, creating a play, work on practical examples in a small groups, workshops for singing and acting, making public performance as a product of our TC.

All these activities have the aim to promote solidarity, cooperation, and creativity in youth work and in fighting discrimination, violence and social exclusion.

The TC will be realized in Prokuplje, Serbia with 30 participants (three participants per country) from: Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Italy and Serbia.

The venue, Prokuplje

Prokuplje is administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Municipality and the Toplica region. It is situated at south of Serbia, at river Toplica middle course, on the 43 24’of northern latitude and 21 19’ of eastern longitude at 255m above the sea level. Toplica region covers 2.230 square kilometres and Municipality of Prokuplje 759km2. According to the last census from 2002 year there were 48.501 inhabitant in Prokuplje Municipality and 27.673 inhabitants in town itself, with average 64 inhabitants per square kilometre. Toplica region belongs to Rodopi mountain chain, the oldest mountain chain on Balkan Peninsula, and Dinara mountain chain.

Accommodation and catering

The accommodation will be in the Hotel Skadarlija-1.

Travel cost

70% of the travel cost will be reimbursed on basis of the cheapest possibilities, e.g. second class railway tickets, APEX-flights etc. by bank transfer after the training and the receipt of all ORIGINAL tickets, bills, invoices, receipts, boarding tags/cards etc. 

Working language:

English – all participants must be able to actively communicate using English language.