Dates of the project : 17-24.April.2014

Place of the project :   Pogradec, Albania

Deadline for submitting the applications : 11.03.2014

Information about the project: 

The theme of our training course is the creation of young entrepreneurs by educating and training them for green opportunities. In the same time the theme is creating a strong message to companies for green job ideas by youth entrepreneurs that will bring triplet awareness, to community, to participants and to companies.

This Training Course is aimed to increase competencies of youth workers/leaders/youth entrepreneurs/ in green benefits from innovative ideas such as green job opportunities and how to translate into action “green entrepreneurship concept”. We want to use specific actions through self-awareness and policy raising and country reality in order to proceed from intercultural dialogue to intercultural cooperation based in environment and youth inclusion. Our target is to learn by sharing each other opinions and develop mutual understanding for new green ideas by youngster of different countries, economical, ethnic, religious, social and coming in the end with a national recommendation directed to companies for beneficiaries of green jobs. The training  will involve participants coming from: Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia And Herzegovina , Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Italy, Estonia ,  Slovenia and Bulgaria.


We will employ trainers with direct experience in the field . The trainer team will also bring a strong individual knowledge of each specific action. A variety of participative learning methodologies will be employed in order to fully engage all participants in the learning process.

The Trainer Team will manage the activity of association in learning by doing experience, with workshops, info sessions, group dynamics, intercultural learning, and lot of fun…

Participants’ profile:

Youth leaders, voluntary and professional youth workers working directly with young people who are interested to learn and setting up international environmental protection. With capacity in making decision on the behalf of their NGOs or with a clear mandate, that might help them to commit into partnerships and projects.

Deadline once again: 11.03.2014

Cost cover by the participants:

Travel reimbursement: 70% of travel cost.Lodging and accommodation cover by the organization. Extra activities cover by the organization.You are responsible to take your own travel insurance (Not cover by the organization). 

Sending fee: 300 MKD