Dates of the project : 01.05.2014 – 30.12.2014, 8 months

Place of the project :   Kumanovo, Macedonia

Type of project: Long term  EVS

Deadline for submitting the applications : 27.03. 2014

Information about the project:

The project ‘Volunship: Exchange of practices in European Citizenship through Volunteering’, aims to motivate young people to become active contributors to community development by encouraging them to take initiative and be active citizens. It will open the space to explore and exchange practices in the field of European Citizenship and support processes of inclusion of youngsters from marginalized communities. The EVS volunteers will work on creating links between young people from marginalized and diverse communities (rural areas, suburbs, ethnically mixed communities), through supporting youth initiatives and providing leisure time activities and information services for youth. Further they will support and monitor local processes in youth policy development. Throughout their service they will develop sense for initiative, communication  skills and entrepreneurial attitudes. The project will aim to increase the employability of 8 volunteers by supporting them in developing life-skills  (communication, usage of new technologies, intercultural awareness,  entrepreneurship and leadership).  The project main aim is to explore and exchange practices in the field of  European Citizenship, by providing volunteering opportunities for young people.

Service Description

The EVS volunteers will be working with local youth workers and youth leaders to implement different types of actions and initiatives in the local community in the field of Art and Culture, Youth Information and Youth Policy. The service will mainly focus on bringing youth work activities in areas where it is not common, and working with young people from disadvantaged communities (minority backgrounds, multicultural communities, Roma, rural area etc) and improving their position in the society 

Art and Culture activities: These activities will aim to develop tools and practices for delivering local youth work in diverse groups. The EVS volunteers will work on the arts programs within the Multi Kulti youth centers. The activities will vary and use tools such as dance, theatre, music and creative media but the baseline for cooperation is that they need to happen twice a week involving from 5-10 local people. They will be introduced with the program,and will work together with local staff to prepare and deliver the program  for the local youth, including also youth with fewer opportunities.

Youth Policy: These activities will aim to develop awareness about youth contribution in policy. The volunteers will work with local staff in research about needs of local young people (with specific emphasis of disadvantaged young people) and will support the monitoring and development of local youth policies. CID is the member and as organization is working on the development of the Local Youth Council in Kumanovo. The volunteers working on this activity will have a direct chance to know more about youth active citizenship and youth participation in policy development.

Youth information activities:

Open Days: The volunteers will have a chance to get involved in youth information activities for youngsters in rural and disadvantaged areas around Kumanovo. The activities will be implemented in a form of open day when youth workers and staff from the CID takes info- leaflets, brochures and prepared outdoor activities to run them in the rural areas or in the community. The EVS volunteers will be involved in 1-2 open-days of the hosting organization. Their work on these open days will be to promote the EVS programme to youth from rural areas by sharing their examples (how they became EVS volunteers). 

Youth Info City: Working on development of Youth Info website for the local community, and promotion of sending opportunities for volunteers. 

Youth Online Radio Club: The MultiKulti Youth Radio is an online radio that is being organized by the young people that are participating on workshops in the youth centres. The programme is consisted of live and recorded radio shows, debates, specials. The volunteer that will be interested to participate in the Radio Team will work with the local high-school students on weekly meetings and also support the technical side of the radio. The volunteer will work on improving digital, organizational and promotion skills. 

Other activities: A local volunteer language teacher will be in charge for the local language classes and local integration of the volunteers in the host area. The supervisor is a staff member who will be responsible for the activities and for coordinating the volunteers. 

Profile of Participants

The Services will seek to involve young people who are often without a job in the labor market and are facing an obstacle to get a job. The main characteristics of the volunteer would be openness to learn and improve. The project would like to offer possibilities of all interested volunteers that fulfill the Youth in Action criteria regardless of the age, religion, cultural, sexual and other background. Through this project we would like to include young people with fewer opportunities in order to support their learning and develop competencies that will improve their position in the society.

Priority will be given to:

• Young people facing socioeconomic and educational difficulties (young people facing discrimination, low income, lack of educational and vocational skills). Specific priority will be given to young people without employment experience, in order to improve their competencies for access at the labor market. For the short term project in Bulgaria Roma youth will take part

• Young people facing geographical and cultural difficulties (coming from minority or immigrant background, young people from rural areas) Emphasis will be made for inclusion of people from ethnic minorities and or

youth that has never been abroad.

– Be aged between 18 and 30

– Competently able to work in English language

– Be able and committed to act as multipliers in their community after the

end of the service

– Be resident in one of the program countries for Youth in Action Program

– Full presence on the EVS Service

How to apply?

In order to apply interested volunteers should send CV and Motivation Letter. Once you have the pre-selection please mail it no later then 27th of March,

Participants will be selected on the basis of their applications and ensuring a  balance in terms of gender, organizational participation and cultural background. The selection of the participants will be done by the sending organization and the organizing team.