As part of the NetWess project we published a useful website for networking of civil society organizations. is an information web portal of the Bulgaria-Macedonia cross-border CSOs. The website goal is to provide easy-to-use database of expertise, projects, programmes and needs assessment about the CSOs in the cross-border region.


 All registered users are able to find information about organizations campaigns, best practice in the civil society sector in the cross-border region, upcoming events and initiatives, available materials and training. They also cover the thematic info and the activities of the informal civil society organizations in the region, the needs of the organizations, and funding opportunities.


 Reasons to Join

The process of informal networking is continuously growing and leading to new civil society opportunities. More is yet to come and this is only the beginning of the cross-border cooperation of civil society of Macedonia and Bulgaria.

As a guest and not registered member, you can find the following information on the website:

1.    Database of the existing active organizations in the region and their most recent updates (projects, programmes and opportunities they aspire towards)

2.    Latest news from the civil society organizations in the region especially connected to projects, programmes, calls or tools which they developed and want to share with you

3.    Legislation from Bulgaria and Macedonia in the civil society sphere which can support your cross-border work in the resources

4.    Partner search form where civil society organizations publish their upcoming project ideas which they would like to do in partnership

We invite you to register your organization in the database and add your information to the web-site. The website has many benefits for the organizations who decide to join.

By registering your organization you can:

Have your organizational information promoted and visible in the database of NetWESS

Publish your organizations news on the portal and reach civil society activists from both sides of the border to follow, attend, and talk about your activities as well as use the resources you produced.

Find partners for cross-border projects and find the needed know-how, ideas and services among the civil society in the region.

How to register:

–          Click here

–          Fill in the required information

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