Dates of the project: February-May 2014

Financed and Supported by:  United Nations Development Proramme

Short description:

From February to May 2014 CID in partnership with the UNDP, Agency of Youth and Sport (AYS) and Municipality of Bitola is facilitating the process on development of Local Youth Strategy of the Municipality of Bitola.

Based on the success story of facilitating the process of creation of Youth Strategy of Municipality of Kumanovo, CID , UNDP and AYS are supporting Municipality of Bitola to  create a transparent and inclusive local environment for developing of the youth strategy.

The process involves all the relevant stakeholders and is based specificities of the local context,

through open and consultative process and participatory decision making.


Project activities:

Community Mapping This is the first phase of the project and introduces the team with the key stakeholders and issues in the community and allowing the team to get introduced to the local context. It involves working with the two core groups involved in the process: Municipality officials and Structures that work with youth (youth organisations)

Assessment about the priorities and needs of young people in the municipality. Summary analysis are developed and used as recourse for creation of local youth strategy and other relevant youth issues.

Seminar on strategic planning This seminar aims to identify the priority areas for the ‘Local Youth Strategy’. It gathers 20 participants in total, including 10 representatives of the Core Youth Group and 10 representatives of the Municipality Council and Administration.

Workshops for creation of LYS

Public Consultation on draft strategy

Publication of final strategy


The draft Local Youth Strategy will be presented with a press conference and promotion event gathering young people, youth organizations and officials.